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GEW 2014: Activity report

The Global Education Week 2014 in Italy was focused on the theme of “Food Security“, summed up in the motto “Sicurezza Alimentare”.

Various  activities has been carried out all around Italy:

  • An information campaign has been carried out in the months preceding Global Education Week, in order to involve participation of schools, associations, youth organizations, local communities and civil society in organizing their own activities on food security theme.
  • At the beginnig of November the association Il Nostro Pianeta launched a national photo contest on Facebook entitled “Food click. Food security and food right”  - Photo contest winner announcement
  • The School “Istituto Comprensivo Socrate Mallardo in Naples supported Global Education Week 2014 organizing an educational path entitle “Hunger is not a choice” which offered to students and their families a series of intercultural activities, workshops, a movie festival, meetings, exhibition and an open conference on food security.
  • The Training Centre for International Cooperation in Trento participated to the GEW 2014 organizing four different activities: a seminar on agriculture and biodiversity in the third millenium; a round table on African situation with particular attention to the coltan extraction in Congo; a training path on China economical, cultural and political situation; training course on advocacy strategies and tools for global development.
  • The organisation “Maestri di Strada” of Naple supported the Global Education Week with the project entitled “TERRA TERRA” which offered to primary and secondary school students the possibilities of learning theoretical and practical elements of agriculture and food production and cooking.
  • Il Nostro Pianeta, few weeks before the GEW 2014, send a reporter to the “Salone del Gusto” - a Food Fair taking place in Turin every two years involving various subjects on food and nutrition questions.
  • The Centre of Excellence and Cross-disciplinary Studies supported GEW 2014 organizing two events: a University debate in Rome entitled “Food security: an interdisciplinary overview” with the participation, among the others, of a representative from Slow Food – and one in Turin entitled “Food right: food as a common good”.
  • On the occasion of Global Education Week 2014, Professor Egidio Dansero of Turin University dedicated a University lesson to the theme of food security, at the end of which we shot an interview.
  • The association MEIC – Gruppo di Torino participated to the Global Education Week 2014 with an event related to the project “Turin my city: literacy and active citizenship path for north african women”.
  • The International and European Forum of Researches on Immigration FIERI – an historic partner of the Italian network of GEW – on the occasion of GEW 2014 dedicated an interview on food and young immigrants.
  • Il Nostro Pianeta collected and uploaded on the association website a selection of downloadable materials on food and food security.
  • Il Nostro Pianeta improved its participation on social network, in particular on Facebook, where the Global Education Week – Italia page increased likes from 70 to more than 300 in few weeks.
  • On the association website a selection of law’s articles related to food security has been published one per day: food rightfood right and human dignityfood right and cultural diversityfood right and children rightsfood right and human rights

(Italiano) GEW 2014: L’iniziativa di Fieri

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