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Il Nostro Pianeta works professionally and adequately, reflecting more than twenty years of experience and collaboration with public administrations, public and private cultural organisms, international co-operation organization.

The founding associates are:

Paola Giani


High school teacher, she has already worked as a consultant for intercultural policies in Turin’s administration from 1993 to 2001, she managed Pianeta Possible of Turin’s Ong “Cicsene” from 2001 to 2008, she’s an expert in intercultural education and project manager of several European projects. She worked as trainer and consultant for local institutions, universities, training agencies, associations and Ongs, in and out of Italy.

Marco Bajardi

He worked in research, projecting and training for Youth Policies in Turin, on various themes involving the youth condition. His main interests have been: drug abuse of the young (in the early 80s he coordinated and prevented drug abuse issues for the city of Turin); minor deviance problems (he’s been the responsible for prevention projects and minor recovery in the penal circuit); young foreigners (he’s been the responsible of projects involving young foreigners for the youth policies).

In the research field he created and managed the “Osservatorio del mondo giovanile” (Observatory of the youth world), related to the youth policies, and has developed, in and out of the observatory, researches about these themes. In these fields he’s been responsible of various local, European and related to Med Urbs projects, who linked cities from North to South of the Mediterranean Sea. He’s now an honorary judge at the Juvenile Court of Piedmont and Aosta Valley.

Maria Adele Valperga

She’s encharged of intercultural training and interreligious dialogue. She’s an Islamic culture and religion expert: she teaches courses and has training meetings about European Islam and organizes alphabetization and active citizenship courses for maghrebine women.

Maria Gabriella Chiera di Vasco

She’s a Civil lawyer, enlisted in the Lawyer Register since 1978. She works mainly in matters involving family rights.

Maria Teresa Mignone

Her occupation is to train teachers in order to educate in a more cognitive and meta-cognitive way.

She works with teachers in school and at the University of Turin - CIRDA and Primary school training Sciences, where she organizes laboratories of “Potenziamento cognitivo” (Cognitive Enhancement) for the students.

Francesca Ragazzo

She’s graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin, and specialized in Juvenile Neuropsychiatry. She’s the director of the Savigliano centre of Complex Structure of Juvenile Neuropsychiatry ASL 1, in Cuneo. She’s a consultant at the Youth Policies Assessorship for the Social-Sanitarian Integration for Minors.

She’s an expert of organization strategies and managing of sanitarian paths. She worked with theme-organized meetings about handicaps in the growth of children with the Wealth and Sanitarian Care Assessorship of Piedmont, and integrated cure projects for critic youth diseases.

She’s the responsible of the Visual Rehabilitation Center in the Province of Cuneo.

She acquired great experience in the rehabilitaions of minors with serious handicaps.

Alessandra Simonetto

Psychologist and analytically oriented psychotherapist, organizes individual and group psychotherapies with adults. She handles families and minors giving extra attention to the adoptions of Italian and foreign kids. She gives technical consultations to the Juvenile Court of Turin. She’s encharged of training and clinical supervision and teaches at the Psychotherapy Specialization School of the COIRAG (officially recognized by Miur in 1993). She’s now president of the APRAGI (Association for the Research and Training in Individual, Group and Institutional Analysis Psychotherapy). Since 2006 she’s the Counsellor of the Psychologists Order of Piedmont.

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