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The Association

“Il Nostro Pianeta” is a non-profit cultural association. Its purpose is to promote intercultural dialogue through different cultural and training activities, in and out of Italy.

It promotes education, active citizenship and social cohesion, culture of cooperation, exchange and peace.

“Il Nostro Pianeta” is focused on the migration phenomenon and on a fair, democratic, participative and sustainable European development.

Its main concerns are sociocultural transformations, educational processes and promotion of personal and social rights at any levels (local and international).

In order to reach its goal, the Association is promoting in and out of Italy:

  • educational and training activities;
  • activities in order to enhance concern and information;
  • meetings, conferences, debates and seminars;
  • intercultural exchanges and responsible tourism journeys;
  • study and research activities
  • editorial activities (magazine publishing, books, catalogues: all both in traditional and electronic form);
  • cooperation activities.


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